Since opening in 2004, BLUSH offers a well-edited selection of contemporary and designer clothing and accessories. Mother daughter duo Christy and Casey Rosen combine their love of West coast cool with East coast chic to bring you a unique shopping experience. Brands like Xirena, 360 Sweater, CLOSED, Sanctuary, Velvet, Chan Luu, Sundry, and Amo Denim just scratch the surface of the authentic "finds" you can add to your wardrobe. Every season Christy and Casey strive to bring their customers something exciting and fresh to the mix.

Not only is BLUSH known for the exceptional merchandise, but they pride themselves on giving genuine customer service. Feel free to contact us in regards to personal shopping and styling, helping you clean out your closet and private shopping events.

In our own words...

"I love mixing it up on a daily basis. Depending on the occasion, my mood or even the weather, I love putting on my "city" outfit as much as I enjoy throwing on a dress with flip flops. It is important for me to always look put together but I have to be comfortable! I would descirbe my style as urban preppy meets California casual. I am very good at doing the 'day to night' look so I can go from my sneakers to my heels in a matter of minutes." Casey Rosen

"I love color and layering. There are so many unique color combinations that you can put together that take simple pieces and make them look fantastic. Layering is a key component to my daily look. I love finding different combinations to put together, and layering of jewelry is a must. More is more in my book! I would describe my look at boho chic with an edge. I love my Rag and Bone booties as much as my sandals and a great pair of sneakers go with everything!" Christy Rosen